2018 Season Recap!

A season full of struggle has a rewarding finish!

The Russell Jackson Racing Team Woodys #17R competed in 15 events this season!

Placing top 10 in 11 of the 15 events with 4 DNFs due to accidents and some engine trouble was a respectable effort for a season filled with adversity. 5 Top 5’s also resulted from the endless work put forward by the team. These results ended in a 2nd place finish for points at I-30 Speedway that came down to the last race!

Reflecting on the season, Russell said, “I am quite pleased with the end result considering what we faced. Once we figured out our new car, we were really seeing some speed. I’ve learned a bunch this year, and driving a Team Woodys house car has been a great experience. I can’t thank our partners enough for all they do to keep us going throughout the season.”

Russell Jackson Racing would like to thank Superior Bearing for keeping us rolling freely at every race, Racers Wax for keeping our equipment looking brand new on and off the track, Superior Steering Wheels for their indestructibility, Everything 600 & Doug Reynolds Suzuki for helping us with all our parts needs, and Beebe’s Burgers for being the best place to eat no matter the day! Huge thanks to Lock-Wood Electric, Premium Siding Supply, Plant Services, Readnour Construction, and I-40 Transmission for helping us in a variety of areas throughout the year as well!

Lastly, we would like to thank the fans that supported us throughout the year and consistently encouraged us in our efforts. Without you guys, this team would not be what it is, and we are thankful for each of you!

Russell Jackson Racing is uncertain about their plans for 2019 but will announce as soon as they are set.

9/29/18 Race Recap

A night full of potential turns out to be the best night of the year!

After a smooth session of hot laps the Russell Jackson Racing Team rolled off 4th in the heat race. After a bad initial start, the race went green with Russell losing only one position crossing the line in 5th.

Russell rolled out 6th for the feature and quickly advanced to 4th after avoiding a wreck on the start. He would remain in 4th for the initial 12 circuits before a part failure for the 3rd place car placed him on the podium. The Team Woodys #17R crosses the line in 3rd, earning the hard charger award as well!

After the race, Russell was quoted saying, “I was not quite sure what to expect tonight after an engine change this week. The car was easy to drive all night and everything worked out in our favor for a change. We’ve had a rough year, but I’m excited to end it on a good note!”

The Russell Jackson Racing Team has no official plans for the remainder of 2018 but we will keep everyone updated.

8/25/18 Race Recap

A night of misfortune comes to a catastrophic end with just 5 laps remaining in a hopeful feature.

Russell ran a smooth session of hot laps on a track that was still a little slimy from the water truck earlier that afternoon.

Conditions were better for the heat race where Russell started 6th. He jumped to 3rd quickly and chased the leaders for the first half of the race before the 4th place car spun him in a failed slide job attempt. Restarting from the tail, Russell rebounded a few spots in the 3 remaining circuits.

Assigned the 6th starting spot again for the feature, Russell pulled to 4th on the opening lap. On lap 10 of the finale, disaster struck when the fifth place car lost his brakes going into turn 1. His car made contact with Russell’s front left wheel and crippled the steering. With no control, Russell spun before being hit by another car causing him to violently flip before landing on the driver’s side. With no major injuries, Russell was credited with 9th.

After the race, Russell was quoted saying, “Hated to see such a hopeful night end this way. The Team Woodys #17R was the fastest it has been all year and was a blast to drive. Jeremy and I talked after the race and quickly came to an understanding. Accidents happen, and mechanical failures like his are often unpredictable. Race cars can be fixed. I’m just glad everyone is ok.”

The Russell Jackson Racing Team plans to resume action September 8th at I-30 Speedway.

8/11/18 Race Recap

A night full of potential results ends with a somewhat disappointing finish for the Russell Jackson Racing Team.

After a routine session of hot laps, Russell was set to pull out 5th in the first heat race. He jumped to 4th quickly and chased the top three for the remaining caution free circuits.

Russell pulled out 8th in the 15 car field for the night’s feature event. In the opening 3 laps, Russell advanced to 7th and was fighting for 6th when a caution came out. After a few mistakes and constant battling for position, Russell fell back to tenth before crossing the finish line.

At the end of the night, Russell remarked, “We tried some new things tonight. Some worked and some definitely did not. I struggled bad on corner exit speed, but I believe I have a solution for next time. Yes, I am disappointed, but I know we learned tonight so that’s a success to me.”

Russell Jackson Racing is set to return back to action August 25th at I-30 Speedway.

7/28/18 Race Recap

Rains during the day lead to a rough race track, and the Russell Jackson Racing Team rallied for a top 5 finish at I-30 Speedway!

Drawing the 30 pill, Russell was set to start outside the 3rd row in the 2nd heat. After a good start, the #17R Team Woodys Racecar ran in 4th for most of the race before hitting a hole in the final set of turns that resulted in the loss of a spot.

Russell pulled out 10th of 18 for the feature and quickly advanced to 7th in the opening circuits. On lap 6 the car in front of him made contact with lap traffic bringing out a yellow.

After the restart, Russell chased the top 5 for many laps before he was able to slip underneath a couple cars exiting turn 2 on lap 15. He fought for position in the closing laps before finishing in 4th.

Russell was quoted after the race saying, “The track was super rough, but I learned ways to manage it and keep the car settled. I am very pleased with our results and plan to continue building on our speed in the coming races!”

The Russell Jackson Racing Team plans to resume action August 11th at I-30 Speedway!

6/30/18 Race Recap

After struggles early in the night, the Russell Jackson Racing Team rallied to a solid finish.

Drawing the 36 pill, Russell started inside of the 3rd row in the second heat. He was firmly in 6th after one circuit and remained there for the remaining laps.

Starting 12th of 15 in the feature, Russell had lots of work to do. In the opening laps, Russell quickly advanced to 9th before a caution on lap 7. Many cautions followed in the remaining circuits of the quarter mile oval. The Team Woodys #17R advanced as high as 5th twice but fell to 6th after a spin out with 2 to go.

After the event, Russell was quoted saying: “We tried some different things tonight and learned a lot! Glad to have rebounded up to 6th after struggling in our heat race. Going to make some changes and be stronger next time!”

The next scheduled event for the team is Saturday July 28 at I-30 Speedway!

6/23/18 Race Recap

The Russell Jackson Racing Team took on I-30 Speedway last night and gained momentum approaching the second half of the 2018 season.

Following an engine change that became necessary after finding shavings in an oil filter, a back up engine was placed in the car to continue the points run at I-30 Speedway.

Arriving at the track, Russell pulled the 29 chip at the pill draw placing him inside of row 2 for the second heat race. After 8 caution free laps, his placement remained the same coming home for a solid 3rd.

Starting 6th in the feature, Russell chased the top five for the opening 10 circuits before a mid race battle resulted in the loss of a spot. The 20 lap feature went caution free and the Team Woodys #17R crossed the line in 7th.

When asked about his performance for the night, Russell remarked, “We made a bunch of changes coming into tonight to compensate for some handling issues we had been chasing, and those changes helped a bunch. The track got really slick, and I struggled some with traction. We learned a ton tonight and have some good ideas for improvements next week!”

The Russell Jackson Racing Team plans to resume action next Saturday at I-30 Speedway!

6/9/18 Race Recap

Rainout at I-30 Speedway leads to quick trip to the Ditch for the Russell Jackson Racing Team.

Plans to attend I-30 Speedway for their weekly show changed quickly with sudden rain. The quick decision was made to travel to West Memphis for some more laps at Riverside International Speedway.

Arriving late, Russell was able to have David Zarski do the pill draw for him. The pill was low enough to put the #17R Team Woody’s Racecar on the pole of the 2nd Heat Race.

Hot laps went well, and a few adjustments were made before rolling out for the heat race.

On a bad start, Russell fell to 3rd where he would finish after 8 laps and only one caution. That finish put him in the 6th starting spot for the main.

Starting sixth in the feature, Russell advanced up to fourth at one point but was fighting an ill handling race car. He fell back to 6th with roughly five laps to go and was able to make a last lap pass to bring home a top five finish.

After the race, Russell said, “For our second trip to this place, I can say that I am pleased. This place is totally different from anywhere that I have been and is taking me a little time to get use to. I found a line that the car seemed to like with 5 to go and wish I had moved up there earlier. Definitely learned a lot tonight and know that we are capable of top 3 next time we visit here.”

Russell Jackson Racing plans to resume action next weekend at Riverside International Speedway!

5/12/18 Race Recap

Russell Jackson Racing had a strong weekend overall and continues to gain speed!

Russell started out pulling the number 7 chip which put him starting on the inside of the second row for the heat. Hot laps went off without issue and the car looked good!

Rolling off 3rd, Russell avoided an incident in turn 3 on just the second lap of the heat race and fell back to 6th. After the restart, he was able to charge back to the 4th position where he finished.

The #17R Team Woody’s Racecar was set to start 4th in the feature and immediately took 3rd upon the start. After 3 cautions, Russell was able to hold on for his first podium of the year!

After the race, Russell was quoted saying, “The Team Woody’s car is getting faster each week and tonight has really got me excited for the $1,000 to win show next week!”

The Russell Jackson Racing team will continue action May 19th at I-30 Speedway in the Race for Chase.

4/5/18 Race Recap

After adversity in the heat race, the Russell Jackson Racing team rebounded for a solid finish from deep in the field.

Hot laps went smoothly. However, it was already becoming evident that the track was going to be very rough for the remainder of the night.

Russell rolled off 5th in his heat race and was running solid before a part failure on the white flag lap.

The Team Woody’s #17R rolled off 14th in the feature and quickly advanced to 10th in the opening laps. After a lap 3 caution, Russell advanced to 8th before a caution with 2 to go. On the restart, he tried to pick off another spot but came up short finishing in 8th after 20 laps.

Russell was quoted after the race saying, “The car was the fastest it has been thus far and handled very well. We still lack a little speed but have some ideas that we hope will make us faster next week.”

The Russell Jackson Racing team will resume action this Saturday May 12th at I-30 Speedway.