8/25/18 Race Recap

A night of misfortune comes to a catastrophic end with just 5 laps remaining in a hopeful feature.

Russell ran a smooth session of hot laps on a track that was still a little slimy from the water truck earlier that afternoon.

Conditions were better for the heat race where Russell started 6th. He jumped to 3rd quickly and chased the leaders for the first half of the race before the 4th place car spun him in a failed slide job attempt. Restarting from the tail, Russell rebounded a few spots in the 3 remaining circuits.

Assigned the 6th starting spot again for the feature, Russell pulled to 4th on the opening lap. On lap 10 of the finale, disaster struck when the fifth place car lost his brakes going into turn 1. His car made contact with Russell’s front left wheel and crippled the steering. With no control, Russell spun before being hit by another car causing him to violently flip before landing on the driver’s side. With no major injuries, Russell was credited with 9th.

After the race, Russell was quoted saying, “Hated to see such a hopeful night end this way. The Team Woodys #17R was the fastest it has been all year and was a blast to drive. Jeremy and I talked after the race and quickly came to an understanding. Accidents happen, and mechanical failures like his are often unpredictable. Race cars can be fixed. I’m just glad everyone is ok.”

The Russell Jackson Racing Team plans to resume action September 8th at I-30 Speedway.