9/29/18 Race Recap

A night full of potential turns out to be the best night of the year!

After a smooth session of hot laps the Russell Jackson Racing Team rolled off 4th in the heat race. After a bad initial start, the race went green with Russell losing only one position crossing the line in 5th.

Russell rolled out 6th for the feature and quickly advanced to 4th after avoiding a wreck on the start. He would remain in 4th for the initial 12 circuits before a part failure for the 3rd place car placed him on the podium. The Team Woodys #17R crosses the line in 3rd, earning the hard charger award as well!

After the race, Russell was quoted saying, “I was not quite sure what to expect tonight after an engine change this week. The car was easy to drive all night and everything worked out in our favor for a change. We’ve had a rough year, but I’m excited to end it on a good note!”

The Russell Jackson Racing Team has no official plans for the remainder of 2018 but we will keep everyone updated.