My Story

My career started off with the best gift ever, a race car from my grandparents at Christmas of 2012. My first three outings were not as good as I had hoped, but through teamwork with my dad, I was able to learn a lot and become competitive. I was consistently running in the top ten until one night I rolled my car. I was incredibly disappointed in that moment, but with encouragement from my family, I came back better than ever. The next three outings all resulted in top five finishes, and I even scored my first heat race win which was a huge relief and a moment of exhilaration and excitement. I finished the season out strong and decided to make the jump to mini sprints.Throughout this time, I perfected my skills in the football field as well. I became a solid threat on defense and lead my team to many victories. My first season in the mini sprint was run with older equipment, but through hard work, I learned many lessons and was very competitive. I was able to achieve third place in track points and the I-30 Speedway 2016 Mini Sprint Rookie of the Year. I was beyond excited when I achieved these awards and felt like all my work had paid off. I worked hard in my studies as well during this time, and I am on track to be an honor student and possibly valedictorian at Conway Christian High School. I bought a better motor for the 2017 season, and I was instantly faster.I was forced to switch to a backup engine when it had problems but continued to get faster nonetheless. I took Runner-up in Championship points and accomplished many goals that I had set forth at the beginning of the year. We are currently planning the 2018 season, and I plan on moving up to sprints within the next couple of years. My end goal is to be a World of Outlaws driver because they are the best, and I believe if I work hard enough I can definitely get there.Throughout my racing career, my relationship with my Dad has become very strong. He has taught me so much and helped make my success possible. Racing has created a very important bond between us. This bond is definitely the greatest thing achieved throughout my racing career, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The adversity that racing puts you through helps strengthen the bond. He has been there through the ups and downs and will continue to do so. I want to thank you all for being here and following me on my journey.  – Russell